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Website packages
Online newspaper or magazine package

Especially designed for an online newspaper or magazine, a website package with many applications.


Domain and hosting first year.
(These services are charged each year afterwards)

Design and programming of your news or online magazine website, the amount of pages will grow according to how many news articles are added, the option to be in English and Spanish.

The identity of your newspaper or online magazine clearly displayed, with telephone numbers, email and other information positioned so that they are easy to find.

An easy to follow navigation so that the user can find all your information, and not get lost in the website.

Catagorized news with archive, the most read, share on Facebook, Twitter, with a friend, printable version, PDF version, related stories, comments.

News search by title, catagory, author, date.

Online polls

Video and multimedia section.

In the case of an online magazine, edition archive. (The adding of past editions is at extra cost).


Mobile version with the daily news headlines.

Links to social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the creation of a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page.

Contact forms and company directory

News administration area, polls, news archive, newsletter.

Google friendly code and structure


$80,000 pesos mn + IVA (Tax).

(Prices can vary if the website requirements are different to those mentioned).

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