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Pelican Hotel Solutions
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We are the only distridutors in Mexico and South America of Pelican Solution. A complete hotel booking engine.

Pelican Solution is a provider for a complete reservation system, CRS (Central Reservation System), GDS (Global Distribution System) and mobile reservations system, they also provide many state of the art ideas to increase your hotel's revenue.

A brief introduction to Pelican Solution ( Pte Ltd) Pte Ltd was established in February 2000 by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the hospitality, tourism, and information technology sectors. The company focuses on the development of a hotel's Central Reservation System (CRS) using advanced technology to help hoteliers in managing their reservations from all segments :- general consumers, travel agencies and corporate clients.

After three years of extensive researches and developments, the company has developed "Pelican Solution," a Hotel Central Reservation System (CRS) which incorporates advanced computer hardware and sophisticated, user-friendly software to process reservations. With a dedicated team of personals in our System Development Division to ensure ongoing system developments, expansions and improvements in order to keep pace with technology and client requirements.

Today, Pelican Solution had been used by Hotels and Resorts from 26 different countries, with its own and partnered offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, USA, Hong Kong and Indonesia. With professional team and expertise, our company prides ourselves in dedicating to providing technology and distribution solutions for the challenges and opportunities of the modern hotel industry.
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